Monday, May 23, 2011

Brian's Fishing Trip

Well, Brian has taken the fishing trip he has talked about for 10 years. He flew to Mexico, stayed in a one-horse town (Buena Vista), lived in yurt, and fished with his flyrod from the beach everyday. I think it was a bit of a culture shock, but he found the people to be easy-going and hospitable. For those who care about fish: he caught a 30 pound Jack Crevelle and a rooster fish, among many others.

We are off to Mexico (Part Deux) in a few weeks. This will be near Cozumel and will be more of a McVay family reunion. I'm sure he'll bring his fly rod, and he insists on nothing less than SPF50.


Annie said...

Don't you mean... Mexico (Part Dos).

Glad Brian came back ;-0

ssweatland2 said...

If it's not a trout or a catfish, we have no clue what they are. Ole' have have a Margarita or dos in Cozumel! Mom & Dad

ssweatland2 said...

Interesting fish to match the interesting trip. Hope you had at least one Corona on the beach as you watched the sun setting! Enjoy your next trip with the family ... all sounds very relaxing! Mom and Dad