Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snowbowl Closing Day

Jacob and his buddy Charlie and I headed up for the closing ceremonies at Snowbowl today. The mountain stayed open a week later than every other slope in the state because of all the snow here, so we thought we'd go up and enjoy the warm temps, sunshine, skiing, and food. A lot of people dress up on the last day. It's really a big party.

Old school Larry Bird made my day:

Bird in the background, only slightly upstaged by the dude sporting the awesome tiger head jacket on far left.

Jacob and Charlie, being dorks.

A giant Beaver.

 Party scene.

Peace. Till next year Snowbowl.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quick Trip to Bend

Carrie and the kids are on spring break this week, so we drove west and spent a long weekend in Bend, Oregon, with aunt Annie. I did a horrible job taking photos, so there's not much to look at here, but believe me we had a lot of fun in Bend.

Jacob had the chance to high-stick some trout streams, without much luck. The water was high and fast and not easy to fish.

Annie was asking the big questions about life. No answers were forthcoming.

We went to a trout hatchery, just to drive Jacob nuts. This picture doesn't do the place justice. It was a huge fish farm and the trout were big and aggressive. They had fish food available - like little kibbles or whatever - for the kids to throw to the trout, and the water would erupt with fish everytime the food hit the water. It was quite a site.

Anyway, sorry not many pictures, not even one of the family. It was a quick weekend, book-ended by a 600 mile drive each way.