Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekends in Missoula

After what felt like a month of constant rain, summer has arrived. Last weekend, we enjoyed the new playground across the street, went for bike rides and took Jacob & Dad fishing at the stocked kids-pond. No fish, though. Then Annie & Jacob had their camps all last week, which kept everybody running. Jacob enjoyed drawing camp at the local art museum in the morning, which is right across the street from dad's office. So Brian picked him up each day and had a picnic lunch with them. Then I gathered Annie from gynmastics, grabbed Jacob after his lunch and drove to sports camp. During sports camp, Jacob got to play football at the University of MT Grizzlies stadium one day. (Each day had a theme and a field trip.) This weekend we went camping with the kids. It was sponsored by Outdoor Missoula, which tries to encourage kids to spend time in nature. We don't really have trouble with that, but it was a good excuse to go. We stayed at state park in Lolo, an actual rest stop of the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1805 & 1806. They determined that via archelogical remains of their camp. The kids enjoyed the activities (it was nice to sit back and someone take care of most everything) and the weather was perfect. Then today, we went to the water park here. Not too bad....

Brian's trip to Alaska

Brian spent over a week in Alaska for work. I don't have much to write about, since I wasn't there. But I did download these pictures, and they looked quite spectacular.