Friday, May 20, 2016

Track Meet Photos

Jacob had his big city-wide track meet yesterday in the cold and the rain, and i managed to snap a few photos of the events and the family. Jacob made it in five events and took 3rd thru 1st place for them all, so he was pretty happy. 

The kids still have a month of school left. We go to school forever in Montana. We're heading home in mid-June to visit the parents in Abilene, which will be nice. Carrie won't make it tho as she's in her second and final year of her grad program at UMT. She'll be busy until the middle of July, so no break for her.

We start camping next weekend, so maybe i'll get some more photos uploaded. In the meantime i'm waiting for it to stop raining so i can finish the patio i've started in the backyard. It's always soooo easy to start these stupid projects. If a guy was smart he'd start a business called "I'll Finish your Stupid Projects for You, LLC" and make a lot of money.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these photos for now.