Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camping - 2 weekends

We've been camping the last two weekends. First we went to Holland Lake, which is so picturesque. Its surrounded by snow-capped, rugged peaks, has crystal clear water and has a dramatic waterfall plunging into its north end. We fished, cooked, hiked to the falls and tried to swim. The water was too cold. Jake is now truly obsessed with fishing, and he's mastered bait (worm) fishing for small perch. We finally let him go down to the lake and fish by himself, since that is all he wanted to do. He said, "really, I can go my myself!" I swear he thought he was so grown up, even though it was really close. He's also been particulary kind to Annie, and has taken on showing her how to fish. The next weekend was at Lake Alva, in the same valley and chain of lakes. It was closed in by tall pines, so it lacked the scenery. Though the lake was warmer and full of lots of fish.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4th of July & Scout Camp

We've stayed rather busy since our vacation, but things are quieting down. It seems we front-loaded our summer with activities (vacation, outdoor camp, scout camp), and now we are coasting through the remaining summer days. It will go very quickly!

Jake had scout camp and hung around other soon-to-be 2nd graders for three full days. His favorite activities were, to no surprise, bb gun shooting and bow and arrow target range. He is still very excited about scouts.

The 4th of July weekend had absolutely perfect weather and fun, low-key activities. We went up to Snowbowl Ski Resort to ride the chairlift, hike around, and to have a drink and pizza at the little lodge. There are still snow patches at the top, as it has been a record winter for snow. Brian found the ski pole he dropped from the chairlift on the opening day of the season last November. Quite a find! We also went up to Pattee Canyon National Recreation area for a little picnic & hike. Then we had 2 bbq's at friends' houses, including one on the 4th that came with fireworks in front of the house and a kids' bike parade.

We are camping for the first time this weekend, so hopefully I'll be quicker about getting the pictures posted.