Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation - Part 5 - National Parks

We were able to go to the 3 National Parks on our road-trip.  Each park was spectacular in its own right.   Redwoods National Park (Stout Grove), Crater Lake National Park and John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.   The camera does not do justice to the locations.   The redwoods were larger than they show in the pictures, and the setting was naturally silent, which only added to their stature.   Crater Lake is bluer and more majestic, and we splurged on an overnight in the secluded historic lodge.   The final park was the fossil beds, which was beautiful in its high desert surroundings, and fascinating in its fossil record. 

Vacation - Part 4 - Beach

A couple of pictures from the coast.  Annie collected bags full of sea shells, sand dollars, crab shells and rocks.   Jake mostly climbed about and played in the sand.  The Oregon coast is striking, but a bit chilly.

Vacation - Part 3 - Fishing

The boys fished along the Oregon coast, where the temperatures were chilled by the significant wind.   They caught several red-tailed surf perch, and we were able to feast on them one night.   It was an experience for Jake, who had never 'killed' a fish before.  He struggled with the concept, especially after seeing a gull pick apart one of his fish before it swam back to sea.  I think he is much more comfortable with catch and release.   The surf perch were all caught at the mouth of the Rogue River, where shrimp was the bait and dozens of osprey, seagulls, pelicans and sea lions feasted on the fish runs as well. 

Vacation - Part 2 - Zoo, Science Museum & Portland

While in Portland, we walked the city streets.  It was an interesting perspective for our kids, who have not lived in a large city, except for Washington D.C. which they left while still too  young to remember.   They enjoyed the street cars the best, perhaps.  We also got to see the zoo, the planetarium, the science museum and the arboretum.   The kids also loved Powells book store, where each picked up a Calvin & Hobbs book - now a new favorite.   The only pictures I have are from the zoo.  

Vacation - Part 1 - Breweries & Restaurants

We took a 10 day vacation right after school got out.  It was a jaunt that took us to the large city of Portland, high desert, fossil beds, the ocean, a caldera-lake with tons of snow and an ancient redwood forest.  A great amount of variety, along with a fair amount of road-tripping.  

Brian was interested in tasting some of Oregon's well known breweries.  Here are some pictures of Brian's tastings and some restaurants we patronized.    

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Coming Soon!

We are coming down to the last week of school and we can't wait!     Aunt Annie came for a visit, but I didn't get any pictures snapped.  We had a sitter and went out for a bit, and spent the rest of the time hanging around.    Aunt Annie did get to have school lunch with her name-sake, and it was an experience for Aunt Annie to be in a cafeteria.  Hats off to her bravery -- she got in the lunch line, picked up a tray and ordered hot lunch, likely the first time in many, many years.    Jake has just finished a season of soccer, and he did quite well.   We've also started fishing, and Jake & Brian had there first camping trip of the year.  It was a quick overnight to Salmon Lake with the cub scouts.  Annie and I stayed home, and she had a friend spend the night.   I will hopefully get more pictures posted from the summer.