Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Coming Soon!

We are coming down to the last week of school and we can't wait!     Aunt Annie came for a visit, but I didn't get any pictures snapped.  We had a sitter and went out for a bit, and spent the rest of the time hanging around.    Aunt Annie did get to have school lunch with her name-sake, and it was an experience for Aunt Annie to be in a cafeteria.  Hats off to her bravery -- she got in the lunch line, picked up a tray and ordered hot lunch, likely the first time in many, many years.    Jake has just finished a season of soccer, and he did quite well.   We've also started fishing, and Jake & Brian had there first camping trip of the year.  It was a quick overnight to Salmon Lake with the cub scouts.  Annie and I stayed home, and she had a friend spend the night.   I will hopefully get more pictures posted from the summer.  

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Rachael said...

Our summer seems to have u-turned! We had some lovely sunny weather but it's now back to chilly and rain. 3 family members are doing a triathlon tomorrow so I hope it stays dry. I'm counting swim lanes. Abi took part in her first swim meet today, Jacob's got a bad throat. Hope he's beter tomorrow. Find out about our future plans on Tuesday so will let you know. You never know you may see us before the year is out. Have a fun summer x.