Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yes, We are still alive!

Well, it has been a busy run since school started in August, and I am more than a bit remiss in my posting. For me, I have finished the last of my certification requirements, and I am currently teaching in a 2nd grade classroom.  The position is taking over for a teacher on leave. It is so rewarding, but it does keep us busy.  Jake is much the same - except taller with longer and browner hair.  He played flag football this fall, and he enjoyed it very much.  Brian was roped into co-coaching, and thankfully he had a great time.  I cringed a few times when I heard him yell things like, 'My grandma can run faster than that'. But no one seemed to mind, and the boys thought it was funny.  Their season ended with a Turkey Bowl.  Then he played on a basketball team, which he also enjoyed.  The games and practices for both kept us running in many directions, but it was fun to introduce him to those sports.  Annie is also much the same - except that she has grown slightly taller and is now missing two front teeth.  I signed her up for a small basketball camp, even though she didn't want to go.  Annie is very 'coachable' and follows all the directions, but she doesn't quite have a dribble down.   Both are taking a 6-week ski program this winter.   Aunt Annie came to visit for Thanksgiving and Grandpa John came to visit for Christmas.   So nice to see family!  We cut down our Christmas Tree in the Lolo National Forest, continuing a tradition we started in Arizona.  One of my new years resolutions - to take more pictures and keep the blog updated.   Happy New Year!