Monday, March 24, 2014

Sweatland Weekend. Bonus Pic of Baby Jayce at End.

Pretty busy weekend for the family. Besides that whole basketball thing I don't want to think about, we got up to Snowbowl on Saturday for what may be our last family ski day of the season. It's always disappointing when ski season ends, because here in Missoula that just means it's going to be wet and muddy until mid-June. But Saturday was great, and the sun and snow put a smile on Carrie's face.
Jacob and buddy Charlie were having a good time too.

I think that mostly Annie skis for the pay-off at the end of the day, which usually involves soda and pizza.
Sunday was a pretty full day too. We got the kids out to enjoy a little more sunshine and took a spin on the carousel.

We're also repainting our living room, for the third time, so that sucked up a lot of my weekend. Here's the sample colors. Carrie insists they're all different. I'm pretty sure they're not.
So she picked the one that's 'bluish-grey.' I'm pretty sure it's bluish-blue.
The funny thing is now none of the other paint colors in the house match the new living room color. I mean funny in a lots-of-repainting-to-do kind of way. Well it's going to have to wait, because this coming weekend I'm driving the family out to Bend, Oregon, for spring break and to see aunt Annie at her new home.

Oh yeah, here's a picture of Sandy's newest family addition, Jayce Connor (with big brother Jonah), that I promised a few weeks ago. Enjoy.