Sunday, March 23, 2008

NPS Detours

On our drive home from the Phoenix airport, we took a couple of NPS (National Park Service) excursions. We visited Montezuma Castle, cliff dwelling ruins of the Sinaguan people, near Campe Verde. Look at the cliff in the second picture; the shadow hides the castle a bit. Then Sunset Crater, an old volcano top with mounds and fields of lava rock, and finally the Wupataki pueblo ruins. Interesting & beautiful places to visit.

Wonderful Vacation !!

So very many thanks to Dad & Linda!! We all had a fabulous time - it couldn't have been nicer. Jake proclaimed "I don't ever want to go home." And he has already asked to go back, or at least to have Kelli & Johnny visit us. The week included lots of swimming, looking for shells, boogie-boarding (Jake's shins are all bruised up from this activity), jumping waves, playing, walking, eating, watching the sunset on the horizon, drinking, driving the golf cart around, fishing, and enjoying each other's company. The kids (minus little Annie) went on a fishing boat through Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and everyone caught some fish (mostly sheephead.) Brian may have to take his son on future fishing excursions.

There are too many pictures (95 of them), so I'll upload them to Kodak Gallery.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rachael - how cute & little they were

My screen saver is a a slideshow that rotates pictures I have saved on my computer. The other day it showed some pictures when the Wilson's visited us in Denver. The kids look so little -- and Annie was still an infant. Well anyway, I thought I'd post them as a trip down memory lane.

We are off soon to Florida with the whole McVay clan and looking forward to it!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy with the Neighbors

Well I can't think of much to report, beyond the day-to-day that keeps us all busy. Thankfully, we have found ourselves on a very friendly street, with great neighbors and lots of kids. When we are outside, other neighbors will come out, or vica-versa. There is an age range of the kids, but they all play together. Anyway, attached are some pictures from the street's trip to the park on Friday. (There were 4 moms, 1 dad, and 9 kids). Jake is pictured with his "buddy" Landon, who is 5. They were pretending to be pirates, which explains Landon's facial expression. Those two are inseparable. The girl with pony-tails is Evie, who is the friend little Annie likes to talk about about (though she is closer in age to Jacob). I didn't capture Lois, Alex, Hunter or Jeffrey, but they are always running around as well. Hopefully this trend continues and our spring and summer are filled with BBQ's and kids having fun.