Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rachael - how cute & little they were

My screen saver is a a slideshow that rotates pictures I have saved on my computer. The other day it showed some pictures when the Wilson's visited us in Denver. The kids look so little -- and Annie was still an infant. Well anyway, I thought I'd post them as a trip down memory lane.

We are off soon to Florida with the whole McVay clan and looking forward to it!


Rachael said...

Aren't they sweet! You can definitely see my Jacob's eye going sideways, it was after this trip he got glasses. Wish we were coming to Florida too! I am in the process of writing you a letter, I usually write during ballet time but it was such nice weather this week we played outside instead! Have a great time and you'll get the letter soon!

Anonymous said...

if you think memory lane about how young your kids were is bad now... just wait 5 - 10 years!!!!!!!