Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break & Easter

April has been a busy month, mostly with the regular rhythm of life. And yes, I've once again been a bit lax in posting! Spring break was a week ago, and we stayed here in Montana. We went on a small trip with our neighbors to Fairmont Hot Springs. Natural hot springs that are directed into pools, complete with hot-tubs and water slide. The top two pictures are from the small petting zoo outside and our dinner in Anaconda. We spent about 6 hours a day in the warm waters!! Not generally my thing, but it was relaxing, especially compared to the brisk April wind.

Easter was great - we were invited to a friend's house for a egg hunt and dinner. It was the most beautiful day of the year, and we soaked in the warm sunshine. In fact, I think we only spent a few minutes indoors.