Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break & Easter

April has been a busy month, mostly with the regular rhythm of life. And yes, I've once again been a bit lax in posting! Spring break was a week ago, and we stayed here in Montana. We went on a small trip with our neighbors to Fairmont Hot Springs. Natural hot springs that are directed into pools, complete with hot-tubs and water slide. The top two pictures are from the small petting zoo outside and our dinner in Anaconda. We spent about 6 hours a day in the warm waters!! Not generally my thing, but it was relaxing, especially compared to the brisk April wind.

Easter was great - we were invited to a friend's house for a egg hunt and dinner. It was the most beautiful day of the year, and we soaked in the warm sunshine. In fact, I think we only spent a few minutes indoors.

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Allen said...

We're having great weather here, did an egg hunt in the garden. Allen's mum is here so she's done some planting for us too so it's looking much better. Been out and about on the bike a lot, Grandma is feeling it today! Off to an Easter Market - no idea what that is but as long as there is coffee and cake we'll be happy. My lot are due out in a month as we've decided to avoid Mum and Dad's for a year or so as they are having their house knocked down, good as they have to come to us! Any europe travel plans at all? School back tomorrow, I've been paid 8 extra days so have got to work those plus any extra so it'll be a busy time as the children finish in June for the summer. We're off for a week in the south of France with a family from the UK, also going up to Scotland for my 40th, getting a night ferry across which will be a bit different. So will you be teaching in September again? What are you summer holiday plans? Have fun xxxx