Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy with the Neighbors

Well I can't think of much to report, beyond the day-to-day that keeps us all busy. Thankfully, we have found ourselves on a very friendly street, with great neighbors and lots of kids. When we are outside, other neighbors will come out, or vica-versa. There is an age range of the kids, but they all play together. Anyway, attached are some pictures from the street's trip to the park on Friday. (There were 4 moms, 1 dad, and 9 kids). Jake is pictured with his "buddy" Landon, who is 5. They were pretending to be pirates, which explains Landon's facial expression. Those two are inseparable. The girl with pony-tails is Evie, who is the friend little Annie likes to talk about about (though she is closer in age to Jacob). I didn't capture Lois, Alex, Hunter or Jeffrey, but they are always running around as well. Hopefully this trend continues and our spring and summer are filled with BBQ's and kids having fun.


Rachael said...

Hi, looks like good fun! Allen's lot all arrive at the end of the month. Melissa is in the middle of moving and, as expected, it didn't go completely to plan! Would be nice to chat soon, I'll try calling in the week/weekend.

Anonymous said...

how did you get Jake to go back to the barber??

carriesweatland said...

Don't you recognize the handy work of a non-professional? That's all me. It went in a series of stages, and the end result is substantally better than the first attempts. I think I'll be taking him to the true barber before Florida.