Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camping - 2 weekends

We've been camping the last two weekends. First we went to Holland Lake, which is so picturesque. Its surrounded by snow-capped, rugged peaks, has crystal clear water and has a dramatic waterfall plunging into its north end. We fished, cooked, hiked to the falls and tried to swim. The water was too cold. Jake is now truly obsessed with fishing, and he's mastered bait (worm) fishing for small perch. We finally let him go down to the lake and fish by himself, since that is all he wanted to do. He said, "really, I can go my myself!" I swear he thought he was so grown up, even though it was really close. He's also been particulary kind to Annie, and has taken on showing her how to fish. The next weekend was at Lake Alva, in the same valley and chain of lakes. It was closed in by tall pines, so it lacked the scenery. Though the lake was warmer and full of lots of fish.

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Rachael. said...

You are being good, we keep saying we will camp but it's rubbish weather here so haven't! May try it when we're in Scotland in August as we're meeting up with friends who have a caravan although I reckon we'll end up in a B&B! Jake and fishing is great, I found it boring, good he's being kind to Annie too. Not sure my 2 would have the patience. Still haven't posted about France but I have got the photos on the computer so will do it soon. In charge of 2 dogs for walking this week so I have 2 excited children! Getting over colds so staying close to home this week, hoping we can go further afield next week. Summer's going too fast for me! xx