Saturday, May 14, 2011

Skipping School & Hiking

It was Kindergarten Round-Up, for the up and coming kindergarteners. So Annie, now a veteran kindergartener, did not have class. So, I took the day off, and checked Jake out of school, too. It was a warm day to catch up on gardening, playing and we met up with some friends for a hike on Mt. Jumbo. I brought my camera along and snapped some pictures.

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Rachael said...

It's funny as you now have very similar weather to us in Southern Holland, although it's been rainy today. So Mexico this summer, take it that'll be hot. N+My cousin is seeing a girl from Mexico. He went there for a month and they are now saving for her to come to the UK for a month, my poor Aunt. She has enough as her youngest(18) has recently had a baby and is living with her. Allen's back from his Scotland trip with lots of Royal Wedding magazines so I'm happy. He's at a bowling party with Jacob on the American base. Hoping he got someone to take him into the Commissary although we did get a goldfish package present yesterday from one of my American friends here! Will do a post too as I took Abi to a party too this weekend and got some good shots. We've done lots of planting in the garden too, well Allen's mum did. Just having to remember to water it, has rained today though. Hope all's well xxx