Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fishing Memorial Day Weekend

Just a quick post to show some pictures Jake is excited to share. He kept asking me if I made the 'poster' yet. I explained that is not really a poster, but a post. Yesterday we went to the fishing pond, a stocked man-made pond in a local park near downtown. We dug up worms from our yard, packed the poles and went down to fish. Jake's first cast got a bite, but no fish. After that he cast and sat for about two hours watching his bobber. It was a good lesson in patience, because after a long while the fish began to bite. Brian caught a perch and a rainbow trout. And finally, Jake's bobber went under and he grabbed his pole. He was afraid his pole would break, and he was surprised at the fight the trout put up. It was a fat 'monster' rainbow trout, about 14 inches and 3.5 pounds. Annie fished some, but she was more interested in climbing trees and picking dandelions. We also saw an osprey fly overhead with its own catch.


ssweatland2 said...

Congratulations, Jake! That's truly a "monster" fish, and we admire your patience while waiting for the fish to bite. Looks like you're going to be a fisherman like your Dad! Annie looks pretty proud of you, too! Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Rachael. said...

Well done Jake, Jacob and Abi will be impressed when I show them later. Our 2 are very similar Carrie, Abi would have been up the trees and picking the flowers too! We don't get today off but we get Thursday and Friday for Ascension Day, a European thing I think as Allen's off too. May be it's Dutch as it's not British. Some of my family arrive this week, it'll be good to see them as the last time was Christmas. Great day here today and I've got to clean although I will go out on my bike later. We're writing to a Daisy group in Missoula, do you know of any? The lady who runs it is cousins with one of the American mum's out here. Will try and up date the blog later as I'm sure I'll need plenty of breaks from cleaning bedrooms. xx