Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a weekend

It's been beautiful weather and we've been enjoying it! Just a few pictures from a small hike this weekend on waterworks hill. Annie has her kindergarten buddy, Maya, with who she pals around as much as she can. Jake has a class-mate, John, who came along. He lives one street down and it looks like he and Jake get along well. I need to get pictures of the neighborhood kids up on here, too. That's how the kids spend most of their time. The little guy in the picture is Maya's younger brother. That's it for now....


Rachael said...

It looks great weather, dull here and wet at the moment. Off into school this afternoon for a charity run/walk. I'm walking! I ran the Wolf Cub meeting this week. I had 10 excited boys who did do as they were asked if a tad loudly! Starting Daisy Scouts soon, I'm the leader although it might go a little British! Had fun at my parents at the weekend, I will post soon. Jacob and Allen are off on their first cub camp at the weekend. Abi and I are going to visit but not stay as she has gymnastics and a party and I thought she'd got too tired plus it's cold here at the moment! Well done with the job. I'm still only a volunteer at the moment. They are being really silly about references. I've got to provide 2 people who have seen me teach and are senior teachers. These will end up being old references as I haven't taught in a British classroom since before Jacob was born! So I may be a volunteer for a while yet. Love to you all xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
Sharon sent me all your great pictures. I think it's great how much time you spend outdoors and you certainly have a beautiful area to investigate.
We loved spending time with you at Sandy's wedding and send our very best to all of you.
Love to all of you.
"Aunt" Sandee and of course, Sheree, too