Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cub Scout Camp & Bike

Jacob joined cub scouts, and we kicked off the season with a family-invited camping and biking trip. There were about a dozen cub-scouters and a few siblings. We camped in the Lolo Forest at Quartz Flat, along the Clark Fork River (and the highway). It was cold overnight and we woke up to complete fog in the morning. Annie mangaged to stay warm, Jacob ended up in my sleeping bag which kept us toasty, and Brian froze. The next day we drove up to Lost Pass and did the Hiawatha Bike Trail. It sits near the top of the mountain range and straddles the border of Idaho and Montana. Any person who comes to visit us during the summer should do this; I'd happily go again. It is a 16 mile bike trail, converted from a defunct rail line. The trail goes through about 6 mountain tunnels, one of them being over 1 mile long, and across the same number of trestles. The first bike tunnel is so long that it is completely dark for a good number of minutes. Head lights and bike lights are required. The slope is generally down-hill the entire way with a relative gradual grade, which was required for the train engines. The weather, scenery and company was perfect.

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Allen said...

We enrol tonight, we'll be camping on the beaches at Dunkerque - famous in World war 2 when they managed to evacuate lots of British soldiers from the German attac, all with the cub scouts. I think it's run by the Americans out here. Hadn't thought about the missing winter bit as before we left the Falklands it had snowed even though it was only Fall but, you're right, we have missed the winter season! Really looking forward to our skiing trip in December. Next summer we plan to explore Europe a bit. We're going to try and go on the train but we'll see. Waiting in for my furniture delivery today plus I have a mountain of ironing to do, everything that came out of bags seemed very squashed!Our kids do do similar things, you're right but it's because we're similar people! Wish you were here xx Rachael