Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lots of Goings On

Once again, it's been far too long. A crashed computer and lax photographing are to blame. A lot of things have happenened since my last post: Jake's birthday; Jake's birthday party with 15 boys and girls at the indoor pool; friends visiting on their way to their new home in Alaska; Aunt Annie's visit from Arizona; an afternoon at the pumpkin patch, including some hilarious apple-bobbing and even a bluegrass band; playing with friends; painting the house (inside) and a new front patio. I only have a couple of pictures. One is to announce that little Annie is now riding on 2 wheels! She's quite proud of herself, as she should be. The other pic is of Aunt Annnie and the goofy kids. There is also Jake and his new scooter, and an adorable snapshot of Annie at Peas Farm for the pumpkin-fest.

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Allen said...

Hi Carrie
Looks like loads of fun! No pumpkin patches here which is a shame although we are off to the American base to go Trunk ot Treating. Jacob's made friends with twin American boys so we're being invited by them. I get on well with their mum and she loves Abi as she only has the twins. We are doing a swimming party for Jacob's 8th birthday in a couple of weeks. That popcorn was expensive wasn't it!? People still bought it though so that was good. We were at a dinner thing through work on Saturday, it was hosted by an American and attended by 2 Brits, 1 Dane, 1 Dutch, 1 French and 2 Lithuains. Luckily everyone spoke English! The kids came along too. My mum, nephew and neice arrive yesterday so we're off to cycle into town today. Can't fit them all in the car. They came by train from London. So the house has been rather loud this morning, Allen has escaped to work! Taking them all to Amsterdam later in the week again on the train. Frost here this morning so starting to get colder here too. Better go for a shower as they are gradually getting ready xxx