Sunday, September 28, 2014

Huckleberries, Pizza, and Football

Just a short update with some photos, because I'm too tired to think about writing anything. School's back in session so all we do is run around: scouts, football practice, birthday parties, super skippers, football games, parent meetings, errands, trips to Lowes, and oh yeah we still go to work. Carrie and I are both ready for Thanksgiving break. Only 60 more days!

We made it up to Snowbowl for the closing day of the summer season. Annie's friend Tess came with us. We've pretty much adopted Tess. We picked a bunch of huckleberries and then went to the lodge for pizza. Jacob rode the new zip lines, which were really pretty cool but way to high for me.

We made it to our annual Griz football game, which was great. It was a night game - pretty rare here since the stadium just added lights last year.

And of course Jacob is playing football. He loves it. He starts offensive tackle but plays all the special teams and a whole lot of outside linebacker. He's a pretty good tackler, and his team is playing very well.

We'll let you know if anything important happens around here. Until then just wanted to share some photos. Take care!


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