Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer Fun

School begins Wednesday for Jacob (5th) and Annie (4th) and Carrie (teaching 4th). So I thought I'd post a quick update on the family, since, as my mom continues to remind me, I haven't done since ski season shut down back in April.

This summer was just like every summer before. We spent most of our time outdoors camping and fishing and playing in the water. The kids played with the neighbor kids, Carrie took them swimming and to the playground and down to the creek, and I went to work but came home early a lot to do things with the family. We did manage to get back to Abilene to see my family and Carrie's brother's family and all the cousins. The trip to Kansas was pretty dramatic (traumatic for Annie) as one night camping in Nebraska a major storm blew in and separated our tent from the Earth with Annie still in it.

But we survived all that. So here's a few shots of the Sweatland family in typical summer action:

This is about how it goes. We spend time splashing in the water,

And then play some games, like Rummikub or Bananagrams,

At some point everyone goofs off in my tent,

Jacob goes fishing,

And then we roast marshmallows.

With school starting we'll be busy again with football and scouts and school and everything else.  Hopefully I'll have some real exciting stuff to post on the old blog here. In the meantime, we always enjoy hearing from everyone else, so give us a call or drop an email to Carrie since I can't read.

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