Monday, October 7, 2013

The Horror!!!

Some of you who are alive may have heard about the shutdown of the U.S. government. As a member of said government, I am one of the many, too many, federal employees who have been furloughed, which is a fancy American term for vacation time with retroactive pay.

But since at least one reader of our blog likes me (hi mom) I thought the least I could do is to update you on my travails.

Well...First I had to go to a stupid parade (Annie and buddy Krista skipping rope in U of MT Homecoming Parade):

Then I was forced to walk for miles (We live in the crotch of that valley yonder. I looked it up; valley crotch is the correct geographic term):

Oh My God, Boys and Cake! (Jacob's 10th. It was really loud. Like Metallica concert loud).

And then, just today, I had to paddle this watercraft around a small lake and catch countless fat, colorful Cutthroat trout. Annoying!

So please, pray for the federal government and all its many, many suffering employees. In the meantime, I'd appreciate it if you filed your taxes early. I need a new canoe.

PS - Carrie's been too busy to keep up the blog. Why just last night she forgot to pick up a six pack on her way home! So I'm writing the blog until school-teaching-things settle and she can get back to it. If you want to reach her, shoot her an email her. If you appreciate my writing, buy me a beer.

PPS - I know there are federal employees who are suffering, and others who can't wait to go back to work. But really, it's all a giant farce, so please, NSA, don't deport me.


Sandy said...

I feel your pain dear brother. I will pray every night that you can get back to work immediately and spare yourself from all of that fishing and hiking!

Slovokian Moo Cow

Anonymous said...

Left a comment last week, but don't see it posted. Just wanted you to know that you went to a lot of work so that some of your friends would buy you a beer (or a Margarita!) when all you need to do is drive to Kansas and Mom and Dad would provide you with as many as you would like! Plus, you could even sit on our Porch. Missing you .... Mom

Rachael said...

Hello from a damp Belgium. Glad to see you are amusing yourself! You even managed a bit of French in there (it may have been a mistake!? - travails means work in French). Taking my second French course here at the moment so am starting to get quite good. Our time is mainly taken up with swimming as they are both on the swim team, nice and social though. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts takes the remaining time. Off back to the UK for the break coming up so it'll be nice to see the family and see the sea as we've booked to stay on the coast, not enough water in Belgium - well except the rain! Hello to all, love the Wilsons x