Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Fall!

The weather in Montana has turned cold, wet, and windy with the arrival of Fall. Things have picked up since the start of school and we're all busy running from event to event. The kids have their sports and scouts and friends' birthday parties; Carrie has a lot of busy work as a new 4th grade teacher; and Brian just spent 16 days on the road for work.

We spend a lot of time running from Jacob's football practices three nights a week and to his game on the weekends. He loves football. He's playing right guard, which is a good position for this age because he gets to play all the offensive plays.

Annie is in soccer. Thankfully soccer is a lot more low key, so we don't need to run quite as much. She's enjoying the game, but I think most of the girls are there for the socializing with their friends.

Aunt Annie came up from Tempe for a visit this week. Us adults all went to a concert together (Citizen Cope) in downtown Missoula on Wednesday night. It was great to get out for a little nightlife, or as much as we could with kids and babysitters and work the next day.

That's it for here: just a quick update until something exciting comes along. Not that all of this isn't exciting enough for us. 

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Rachael. said...

Great to see the photos and how everyone is changing. I hope teaching is going well Carrie. I haven't been in much this term. I am tutoring Polish kids though so that is taking up a lot of time as is Girl Scouts - I'm the Junior leader and treasurer and of course the Swim Team, 3 practices a week, plus swim meets and I'm on the board too. So actually no time for teaching really! Have the Government money issues effected you and Brian at all? Allen's busy applying for jobs, still trying to get back to the States! Have fun x