Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aunt Annie's Visit - Glacier NP & Camping

Aunt Annie had a great 2 week visit - at least we thought it was great; Aunt Annie may have found domestic life with kids a bit much after the first few days!   We are hoping she'll consider coming again during ski season (Christmas??)   Anyway, we went to Glacier National Park for 2 nights of camping at Fish Creek Campground on McDonald Lake.   Aunt Annie and Brian trekked the entire High Line Trail, all 14 miles across the peaks of the park with views of Grinell Glacier.   Little Annie, Jake and I did a section of the trail and we walked right past a few mountain goats lounging on the rocks (see top picture).   Aunt Annie requested no additional pictures of her, which I honored, as I also don't always like to be in pictures.    The bottom pictures are from an overnight camping trip to Rainy Lake, where we canoed, camped, swam and fished - a last hurrah before school starts on Tuesday. 


Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
I did leave a comment a while a go but it seems to have gone! Looks like you've had fun with your sister, I fully understand the photo request! We had a great summer, I will get around to posting soon, I promise. We move again in 4 weeks. Off to Belgium, to a place called SHAPE, headquartes for NATO. Getting a brand new house which is near but it's just mud in the garden at the moment - not so nice. They have seeded it but it'll take a while to grow. The kids will find that part hard but the house is 100 times better than where we are. The actual place we are going is a bit of a dump, Belgium is not a clean country, quite poor too, we'll definietly notice the difference, no more lovely cycle paths. It'll be a big change, the kids are excited, as is Allen, me not so much. I have my running route here, good friends and regular work so it'll be an upheaval for me. So now I have to start sorting although we're off to Berlin for a swim meet tonight. We're going on the train, the team are going by overnight bus. Thought we'd make a long weekend out of it and see the sights, might not get a chance again. So you are more than welcome to come and visit us in Belgium, a much bigger house x

matheikal said...

Lovely photos, sweet kids.

unquake sol said...

nice blog!!!keep up the good work