Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Annie's Birthday!

Little Annie had a fun 7 year-old celebration.  It started on the eve of her birthday with a small family affair - presents, cake and the like.   Her namesake, Aunt Annie, is also visiting, which adds to the excitement.   On August 14th, she had a party with her friends.  We did some crafts, painted toe/finger nails, made tie-dye t-shirts and danced.    


Rachael. said...

Happy Birthday Annie, did think of you on the day x Looks like she had lots of fun, think I would have enjoyed that too, could do with a nail paint. Enjoy the rest of August x

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Annie.. We miss you guys.. Carrie can you email me your email addess.. Landon was hoping to chat with Jacob some time.
You can message me at my work email,

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