Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cutting Christmas Tree 2011

We've continued our Christmas tree cutting tradition. This year we returned to Lolo National Forest to chop down a 10-foot Douglas Fir. We have a vaulted ceiling in our living room, so we decided to choose a tall one. It's decorated, light-up, circled by the Christmas train and with a few presents underneath. It smells like pine and feels like the Holidays. P.S. There was a formatting error in my Christmas card order, so they are being redone. They may arrive late.


Rachael said...

We now need a photo of the tree decorated! Trying to get the family out to visit a Christmas market - plan not going well! Did all of the Christmas cards this morning and now need to go back to bed. Last week of teaching, mixed feelings, loved the teaching but really looking forward to some time to myself. Off to see Mum and Dad's new house on Friday and do some major shopping in the UK. Very expensive in The Netherlands. Still busy looking for houses and a business in Denver, nothing yet though. Have a fun Christmas, I will try and update my blog at some point - you'll notice the difference once I finish work! xx

Anonymous said...

Love it! We actually got a real tree this year which is a first for me, however we got it from the grocery store and not the Lolo National forest! Love, Sandy