Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween & Griz Game

Here are some pictures from Halloween! It was a fun night and the kids got lots of candy. We went to the Day of the Dead parade downtown the next evening, and I was remiss not bring my camera. The 2nd graders made a block print and walked it in the parade. I thought the parade was more for college kids anCheck Spellingd would be scary, but it was much more of a community event. We also went to the University of Montana football game and got to see the Grizzlies stomp on their opponent. Before the game, they have skydivers land on the field; except this time, one got blown off course, hit a tree and slammed into the stadium. That was a bit hard for the kids to watch. The skydiver was flown to Seattle, and he is badly hurt, but living.

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Rachael said...

Love the pumpkins. We actually carved 2 but I forgot to take photos! I'm a bit behind on my blog. Working takes over completely. Only 5 weeks until I finish. I love my class so it'll be hard to say goodbye but lovely to have my own time back! I posted about Jacob's birthday as I know family back home will want to see what went on. I will get around to doing the past few months. Abi's done a cheerleading day, which she now wants to do more of, she practised in the shower yesterday - very funny! Also went and saw 18 windmills all in one area, Halloween, Book Parade and Luxembourg, so lots to write about. Hope it's not getting too cold with you. We're busy looking at houses in Denver to buy, some great ones too. Also after a business so if you hear of anything let us know. Have fun xxx