Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Weekend by the Rivers

We had a great weekend, and we spent lots of time playing in the water. The 3 pictures on the bottom are of the smaller stream, Rattlesnake Creek, which is just a few blocks from our house. The kids played in the rocks, built dams, and found a log that was chewed on by beavers. The run-off from the snow melt has finished, and the water is as cold as it is clear. The picture of Brian and Jacob was after Brian's half-marathon on Sunday morning, and that is the Clark Fork River. The kids were playing by the 'wave' where the kayakers practice and tubers float by. We did see a crawfish about the size of Brian's hand, but we couldn't catch it.


Allen said...

Very jealous, Jacob and Abi would love those streams. We have found out we are definitely off to Europe, a small base in Holland on the German border. Visitors are most welcome so if you need a base to explore Europe come on over! We plan to fly into Denver around the 16th December and leave around the 5 January, we have to get the kids back for school - unfortunately! If we can manage a get together it would be great but if not I'm sure we'll see you at some point in the future.
Rachael xx

ceri said...

Hi, Carrie. Montana looks like a fun new base. We love camping. Though I'm not sure I'd spend too much time in a river named Rattlesnake.
take care.