Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

Just a few pics from the past week. Missoula has a great farmer's market on the weekends, and we generally go there. Someone brings hula hoops and just lays them out for anyone to use, and kids of all ages grativate to them. The other pictures include Annie on a hike up the "M", Mount Sentinel. We made it 2/3 of the way (400 feet elevation gain out of 600 feet total), which is decent. You can see the town and the Grizzlies stadium in the background. The other pics are from a trip to Montana Snowbowl, a ski area about 20 (?) miles or so from our home. It was chilly enough on the mountain top to justify a small fire in the ski lodge. The kids weren't phased by the chair lift, and we all go to see a black bear foraging for food.


Rachael said...

Ohh so we could coming skiing at yours! Looks like it's Europe for us, not confirmed but we're a little disapointed it's not Texas. Would still be nice to see you in December. It's Allen's 40th on the 30th Dec and I want to sort something out. Would you lot be around? Anyway will let you know our future location once it's sorted. Off up to Scotland for a week, will post when we get back.xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael: Read your comment and thought we could tag-team the 40th birthdays. Mines Feb. 2! Maybe we could split the difference and all meet somewhere in January for skiing? That's if Allen and I are able to ski in the condition I plan on being in on my 40th, anyway...Brian