Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Trip to Moab

We decided to take a quick weekend trip to Moab, Utah. We had such a great time! It was all-around an enjoyable, fun get away. We headed out on Friday, drove through Monument Valley, and then stopped at a dive in Mexican Hat, Utah. The town consists of 4 buildings - one gas station, one motel/diner, and 2 restaurants. It's at the crossing of the San Juan River, and a place for river trips to launch/take-out. Otherwise, the 4 buildings wouldn't even be there. The place we stopped at for a drink/food sat on the edge of the cliff overlooking the river. Then we booked it into Moab. Saturday morning, Brian took a shuttle up for an extended mountain biking ride. The kids and I headed into Arches National Park, and saw Windows Arch, Turret Arch, Double Arch and the Fiery Furnace. The kids really enjoyed the morning, and me too. All Jacob wanted to do was climb the rocks as high as he could and run to each stop. Annie doddled along with a purse in hand, as expected. Then we met up with Brian for a late lunch at the brewery, swam in the pool and walked around town. After dinner, Brian met up with some fellow NPS people for a quick drink while the kids and I took a walk on the walking trail. Sunday morning, we headed back to the park, this time to see Delicate Arch and Balanced Rock. (Delicate Arch is way in the background of the picture of Annie sitting down.) On the drive home, we stopped at Newspaper Rock near Canyonlands, which is named for its many petrogylphs/pictographs. It resembles a 'newspaper' of the Native Americans, as it contains so many and covers such a long period of time. Then we took a bit of a short-cut through the La Sal National Forest and climbed high in elevation to see two mountain lakes (Loy Lake and Monticello Lake). Both were stocked with trout and still surrounded by bits of snow. After that, we just headed home.


Rachael said...

That reminds me of when we stopped at Arches, Jacob and Abi just ran and climbed and loved it. Very different scenery here! Abi had her 5th Bday on Saturday, it was a great day. Have added photos on the blog. School starts again tomorrow. Am also off to Stanley to celebrate the Queen's birthday.

Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
We call ground beef mince not mint! I have used that site and I will look again, thank you for reminding me. I'm just worried I won't know what part of the cow is what! I can just imagine BBQing something that should be slow cooked. First snow here today so it's cold. Car is in the garage as it won't start, it's a military garage so it'll only cost me cakes and biscuits! Will be in Denver Christmas 2010 so let Jake know. We love looking at your blog pictures, you need to do another video.