Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trip to Phoenix

We had a great, quick trip to see Aunt Annie! We went to the zoo and spent a long time looking at the animals and wandering around the setting. Jacob was excited and wanted to run as fast as he could to see a certain animal. Then he'd see that animal, focus on seeing a different one, and want to get there as fast as he could. We tried to curb his enthusiasm enough to see everything else along the way. It was, probably, their first exposure to a zoo that they'll remember. I did forget my camera in the car, and the crowds prohibited an easy run to the parking lot to get it. The next day we went to the climbing gym with Aunt Annie. Jacob loved it and Annie just liked to swing on the harness and rope. She's a bit young, still. We also rode the new light rail and hiked to the "hole in the rock". The kids are standing next to the skeleton of a saguaro cactus. I didn't know that cactus had a wooden frame. The drive home was fine, but the kids were very sad to leave Aunt Annie.


Rachael said...

Still jealous! Off on the helicopter again, hope my stomach holds! When do you have to move house?

Rachael said...

Stars are amazing here, even more so on the islands as there's no light out there! I will find out about what we do see up there - loads but I know nothing about stars. I do know I've seen a shooting one since being here that wasn't bad! You'll have to send us pictures once you do move. I showed J & A your blog and they both wanted to know when we'd be seeing you next?? Any European travelling planned??? We're looking forward to 2 weeks off for Easter, plus Abi's birthday. She's been on a count down for a while now! Anyway keep well. xxx