Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Congratulations Brian!

Congratulations to Brian -- he has received a promotion! He now has a fancy title and a whole bunch of extra work to go along with it. Chief of Planning, Compliance & External Affairs for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, National Park Service. We'll have to do something to celebrate, as we've just been busy with day-to-day stuff for a few weeks. The weather has also taken a turn to the exceptional (nearly 80 & sunny), which is even more reason to be happy.


Anonymous said...

congrats to him. we had snow this weekend, which owen absolutely loved. they even missed a day of school.


Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
Well done to Brian, are you happy to move house? It'll be strange not being able to pictue your new place! Is he still working around Page? Glad you'll be getting a break, funny as you stop I start. Have been in all this week and have lots of paper work to sort. Have employed 3 new people - a first for me. Teaching and managing is new too, think I like the teaching best. Have you downlaods Skype at all? If you do I can call you for free. Hope to speak soon, Rachael.