Monday, July 28, 2008

Grandparent's visit

Brian's Mom & Dad came out to visit this past few days. The kids basked in the attention and were a bit spoiled! But that's the way of grandparents, I suppose. Jacob loves his new spiderman costume, and Annie wears her new necklaces, bracelets, nail polish and lip gloss constantly. Can't look too cute. We took them to our favorite beach spot -Lone Rock - where we have gone every weekend for the past four weekends in a row. It's nice to live next to a sandy beach with clear water, especially in hot Arizona. The last one is a video, so just press play.


Rachael said...

Looking forward to seeing you. Sorry we missed your birthday. We flew to DC that day, glad you had a celebration! Jacob's eye op went well. I've put a couple of photo on my blog page.
See you in August.

ceri said...

didn't realize that arizona was windy. course, i know nothing about any place farther west than west virginia. that beach looks fun but i would have a BIG umbrella.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all have had a great summer. I still need to upload the pictures from my trip in May! I have gotten a lot printed myself and I love looking at them. Hope I can be out again soon to see you. Love, Sandy.