Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend & Front Page

Little Annie and I made the front page of the 'Lake Powell Chronicle'. We go to story time at the library, and the paper came by to take pictures. online at:

The weekend was good, but quiet. We went to a birthday party (a friend's 40th) and little Annie wanted to dress up. She was the only one, as we all wore jeans. On Sunday, we went for a bike ride, did some puzzles and drew on the easel. The two shared one easel rather nicely, only because Annie is right handed and Jake is left-handed. The images in red were drawn by Jake, and they are "him on the sidewalk and a baby" and the image in green is by Annie. They wanted me to take a picture, as they like to display their artwork. In fact, their bedroom has no less than 10 pictures on the wall.

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