Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bedtime Buddies

Annie has recently decided that she doesn't like the dark, and a night-light is not sufficient. We, as parents, have refused to leave the room fully-lit. (Note: Annie & Jacob share a room.) So, in a good big-brother way, Jacob has decided to help her through her fears. We can hear them talking, laughing and Jacob telling her it is "ok" well after the lights are out. One night, Jacob climbed into bed with little Annie to make her feel better. (They both eventually fell asleep, picture #1). Then a few nights later, when Annie was particularly upset about the dark, he told Annie to come over to his bed. (They both eventually fell asleep, picture #2). Then we put a stop to that, since they were staying up too late. But it was sweet, while it lasted. Annie still does not like the dark, but is more accepting of it (mostly.)

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Rachael said...

How sweet! My two love sharing a bed, I let them when they are in a double - hotels really. Glad teaching is going well. I'm going to start again in Sept. Off to Vail this weekend, rented a 3 bed house for 3 nights. Jacob's lost his 2nd tooth and is impressed with the tooth fairy's dollar!
Have fun