Monday, June 1, 2015

A Few Photos

Aunt Annie made it into town for Memorial Day weekend and we took a family bike ride along the Hiawatha Trail. It's an abandoned railroad trail with 500 foot tressels and quite a few long tunnels you get to ride through. Pretty fun trip. Here's just a few photos.

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Rachael said...

Hello Sweatland Family! I have just updated my blog after a year of no posts! We are on the move again, off to Jordan for a few years. Jacob is now 12 and Abi is 11, getting way too old! Have enjoyed Belgium and also visiting other countries in Europe. I am just about ready to move again though. We hope to go skiing at Breckenridge in March time but need to see what the flights are like from Amman and also when the kids have any holidays from school. Hope all is well, Rachael x