Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whose Good Looking Thumb is That?

That's my good looking thumb, measuring the space for a gas-insert fireplace. We've got a good old fashioned wood fireplace, but the EPA won't let us burn wood here. So we're spending Jacob's college fund (he's not going anyway) on a gas fireplace!

Honestly, it's finally gotten cold here. Like negative-teens-in-the-morning cold. Wind chills of negative 30. Good stuff. So cold that the boiler/heater at Carrie's elementary school blew a gasket. We eat it up...when we're outside and skiing.

But when we're inside, man, our house is cold! So as we shovel our driveway twice a day as the snow piles up, think warm thoughts, like this:


1 comment:

ssweatland2 said...

I recognize the thumb (Mom's always do), but who is the guy with his arm around Carrie? Guess we haven't seen you in awhile ....
Okay ... let me think that one over, how can I recognize a thumb, but not a face???? Anyway, sure would like to see all those posted faces in person!! Love you all