Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Annie Is 8 Today!

Happy Birthday Annie! Can't believe she made it to 8 years old, given how stubborn she is. But she did it! We had her birthday party about a week ago, so that her best friend, Tess, could attend. Tess is away with her family this week so we had to do everything a little early. But we had a fun birthday party for her and the girls and it was a pretty big hit, except for the part where Annie got stung by a yellow jacket, and then missed an egg in the egg-toss game and had it land on her head. But no pictures of that nonsense. Just happy times smacking the candy out of a pinata:

Since it's Annie's Day, we'll make this all about her. We went camping this weekend at a beautiful spot, and Annie, as usual, was totally appropriately dressed for the occasion:
And hey, if you're going to dress the part, no sense in walking around. Find yourself a ride:
Overall, Annie's 8th was pretty easy on us. Jacob turns 10 in October, and that has us a little freaked. But for now, we'll just take things as they come, let the kids be kids, and see how much fun we can have as a family before they decide their parents are dorks (and we are).


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great 8th Birthday Annie! Love, Aunt Sandy.

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Rachael. said...

I think Abi and Annie would get along brilliantly! Glad the birthday was fun except for the wasp sting x