Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jacob the Webelo

Tonight we attended the final Cub Scout pack event of the school year. We're very active in scouting, and spend a lot of time during the week and many weekends planning, participating in, and cleaning up after the kind of activities that grade school-aged scouters enjoy. But amongst all the bowling parties and ski trips, the kids do spend quite a bit of time learning about scouting, and all that scouting entails: citizenship, responsibility, loyalty, recycling, physical fitness, outdoor skills, team work, and on and on. So tonight was a pretty special night for Jacob and his fellow Bear Scouts, who graduated into the rank of Webelos, the last step before becoming a Boy Scout. We'll be prepared for next year's journey.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jacob!

Aunt Sandy

Rachael said...

Well done Jake, can't believe how dark his hair is! Is Annie in Girl Scouts? I've been co-leader for the Juniors and will be the proper leader from next term. Abi will be with me so hoping that goes OK! I do a lot with them, went to Brussels last weekend and an adventure park this weekend. Jacob has now joined the British Scouts, it's a sports thing for him after school today. I have finally managed to put some photos on from Jan to April but still have a lot to do to catch up. I have now worked out how to do photos on the Mac so maybe I'll keep it up a little better! Off to the South of France on holiday soon then over to Scotland for two weeks. Kids still have two weeks left, the American school on base finished on Friday! Hope you are looking forward to the summer. I'm in teaching today so I have preK, my least favourite year! Wish me luck x Rachael.