Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heat Wave!!!

Another weekend in Montana: Another family camping trip. This weekend was supposed to be special, as the dire forecasts rolled in about a massive heat wave. So we went to a shady, cool spot with a nice, cold mountain lake.

Well, this is what a Montana heat wave looks like: The temperature goes from this, with a tree on fire at 9:00 a.m.:

To this by 10:00 a.m., as we all scurried for shelter under a rain tarp and warm clothes as the temps plummeted:

All turned out as planned though by late afternoon, and Jacob took to the water in a way he never takes to his bath: joyfully (That's Jacob floating away. He floated clear to the other side of the lake, ended up tremendously upsetting some poor Loon, and then kicked his way back).

P.S. By "Loon" I do not mean one of his parents. I mean an actual Loon. As in bird. They are quite rare, but call this lake their home.

Some more action shots.

Carrie in action:

Annie in action (note the camping fashion style):

Brian in action (kids in bed. Feet up over the fire):

Well, we're getting ready to head to see Carrie's family in Colorado in a few weeks. Might not be much to report between now and then, so please keep in touch with us!

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