Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vacation - Part 5 - National Parks

We were able to go to the 3 National Parks on our road-trip.  Each park was spectacular in its own right.   Redwoods National Park (Stout Grove), Crater Lake National Park and John Day Fossil Beds National Monument.   The camera does not do justice to the locations.   The redwoods were larger than they show in the pictures, and the setting was naturally silent, which only added to their stature.   Crater Lake is bluer and more majestic, and we splurged on an overnight in the secluded historic lodge.   The final park was the fossil beds, which was beautiful in its high desert surroundings, and fascinating in its fossil record. 


Rachael said...

This part of the holiday looks like it would have interested me the most, mainly because it look warmer! When we were in this part of the world the weather eminded me of the UK too much. We too have started our holidays today, 8 weeks off which we are all looking forward to. Off to the UK in 4 weeks for the Olympics. Going on a wine tasting weekend in Germany in a couple of weeks. Wish the weather would cheer up as we have some great outside swimming pools here - just too chilly to go in at the moment. Having a vein pulled out on Thursday so not looking forward to that. Will try and post some pictures of what we've been up to (not a vein picture though)! Loved all of yours x

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic trip. I am guessing Carrie planned most of it as she is a great planner! Can't wait to see you all.