Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Well, I've been a bit remiss in posting! We had a nice Easter weekend. We skied one day. The season is closing soon, and it was a nice day to close it. We also went to a friend's house for an egg hunt. The street, Sunflower Drive, is full of kids running around, and it appears our house is the epicenter. Not that I'm complaining, though it is a tad chaotic and nosier than Brian cares for. The weather is slowly turning nicer, and we are all getting ready for warmer weather. Whether or not it arrives is the true question!


Rachael. said...

Love Annie's socks with the outfit! We did a few Easter egg hunts. I will be posting soon as we're just back from Rome and Naples. We did the over night train to get there and then flew back. Flying was definitely easier and quicker! Abi turns 8 next week, booked a swimming party this morning for the weekend after her birthday as it's bang in the middle of the week. No news as to jobs for either me or Allen yet. Still looking at houses online in Denver though, determined to get back to the states somehow. Want to carry on exploring Europe though so Berlin is next on the list. Would return to Rome tomorrow, although would need to learn a little Italian first! Back to school Monday, it's all gone past too quickly. Taking the kids swimming now, enjoy your weekend x

Mindee Gilbert said...

Jake and Annie are so super sweet! I love seeing pictures of them and hearing what you are up to! Blessings!