Sunday, August 21, 2011

Annie's Birthday & Biking/Fishing Blackfoot

Annie has turned 6! I was so busy running around at her party, that I didn't have a chance to take pictures. I'm going to ask another mom for a copy of some pics, and I'll try to get them posted. It was a great celebration, and thanks for the many well-wishes. The other pictures are from a bike ride & fishing along the Blackfoot River. The bike ride was an old railway road, called Going to the Buffalo, which followed the banks of the river. We rode for a bit, until the kiddos got grumpy and hot. Then we fished, played around, and watched the multitudinous floaters - you can tell the college kids are back. Brian, of course, caught some fish, but the prize of the day goes to Jacob. He caught a cut-throat trout, and he kept the floaters entertained with his excitement. He found a small pool, and could watch the fish checking out his bait through the clear water. He has learned that trout are trickier than perch and pumpkin seeds.

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