Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pinewood Derby

Jacob had a great Pinewood Derby event. He named his car Rhino, and painted it black with his initials and a white skull. If you look at picture with all the cars, his is on the top row, fourth from the left. In the overall standings, he landed exactly in the middle of the pack. However, in one of the heats, he came first. That's all the excitement he needed! The bottom pic is one of Annie and her classmate, Dimitri, who's older brother is a cub scout. A fun night, and Jacob is already excited for next year's race.

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Rachael said...

The cars look great. We have really got to get sorted and design Jacob's car! Abi has one too as they are quite a small pack she could enter. I will show Jacob the photos as it might get his arse into gear. We've been enjoying Carnival here. Everyone dresses up with the highlight being candy thrown from the floats as they parade through the streets. We now have loads more candy in the house. I will try and update the blog later. We're on half term here this week and are off to Germany tomorrow for 3 days skiing. Hope all is well xx