Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekends in January

It's been a bit since I've posted, and things have been busy and good. School and work have resumed and we've fallen back into the busy day-to-day. A few highlights: Jacob had a bowling party pack meeting, and he is preparing his pinewood derby car (pictured). We've had some birthday parties scattered in, and the swimming lessons on Saturday mornings. Also, Annie and I went to Discovery to visit some friends for skiing and an over-night. A nice get-away just the two of us! That's a picture of us on the ski lift, compliments of Sunni, as I forgot my camera. The other picture includes our neighbors, whom we see a lot of, Ricky & Nicholas. We are packing for a long-weekend to Whitefish Ski Resort, to celebrate Brian's birthday.

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Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
We too are preparing for the Pinewood Derby! A new thing for me and I am having to sort out some pot luck that goes with it, along with another mum. Daisy scouts is going well, can Annie join Daisy's yet? Started my substitute teaching, good to be back int he classroom but a bit too much work! I did 4 days last week and have been booked for 4 days this week and maybe 5. They are putting me in the juniors which has been nice, a lot more independent and don't finish things in 2 seconds. Lovely to see your photos, I will update ours again when I get the chance!
Rachael xx