Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Cutting

We got a Christmas tree from the Lolo National Forest this year. It was a much different experience than cutting a tree from Coconino National Forest/North Rim. First, there were so many places to go nearby, which was convenient. In Arizona, there was only one road up to Jacob Lake, and it was 90 minutes away. The forest in Jacob Lake also had many tall pine trees, so we had to search for the smaller trees that tried to grow in the shade. Here, there were trees everywhere - different types and all sizes. It was easy to find a tree! In Arizona, we also had the distinction of driving from a wamer climate to a considerably different winter climate and back again. A last difference was that in Montana there were loads of other people doing the same thing, instead of us being one of a few. It was different, but just as enjoyable and memorable. We ended up with a nice douglas fir and have it decorated already.

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Allen said...

Looks like great fun! It's strange as we're not putting uip a tree this year as we're leaving at the weekend for Denver and don't get back to this house until the 2nd Jan. We did Christmas Markets at the weekend. Went to 2 very different ones. Cologne was huge, 7 different markets. OK but I wouldn't take the family there. The one I went to with the kids and Allen was Monschau, very quaint village in Germany, snow fell and we had a lovely time. They even had a live nativity with real people and animals. Unfortunately I forgot the camera! Helped in school this morning and have ended up bringing both the children home with me. They are fine but full of cold and I don;t want them spreading it around. It means we miss Daisy scouts and cubs tonight though. Allen's away in Germany for a couple of days so it'll be early nights for us all tonight! Speak to you soon, thanks for the lovely photo card, I keep them so I've got the last 2 you sent as well!
Rachael xx