Friday, November 12, 2010

A hike behind our house

Last weekend, we went for a hike behind our house. We recognize how nice it is to be surrounded by wilderness area & open space! Though the endless amounts of deer, and sometimes bear, poop in the yard get old. I took down many of the apples from our apple tree and put them in our garden, thinking it'd make nice compost. Well, overnight the dozens of wormy apples disappeared. Even Brian didn't believe me when I told him they were ALL gone. Anyway, just walk to the end of Sunflower Drive, and this trail takes you up Mount Jumbo with views of our home and Missoula.

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Allen said...

I recognise Annie's hat. We're starting to think more about our trip out to Denver, really looking forward to coming back albeit for only 2 and a bit weeks. Allen's mum's been here this week and it's Jacob's party tomorrow. He had a great actual day although Abi was on the bus when it was involved in a crash - Jacob missed it as he was at en eye appointment. All were fine on the bus but the driver was a little bruised. Getting cold here now, I reckon it'll be snowing soon. Have a great Thanksgiving when it comes, Rachael xxx