Thursday, August 12, 2010

Annie's Birthday!

Annie's birthday isn't until Saturday, but we celebrated early as Brian left for Alaska this morning. She got some nice gifts - genuine thank you's are being sent out in the mail. 5 years old....going on 13. We're hoping to make it to the fair with our neighbors today, so I'll get some more pictures posted. The bottom picture is from fishing the Bitteroot, without any luck. A bit too warm to fish in the middle of the day, or so I'm told.

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Rachael said...

Happy Boirthday Annie, can you email me, via facebook, you're new address please. We leave in a week for Holland. Been busy buying lots of furniture as we're in part furnished herre but it's unfurnished there. We're there for 3 years so time for you lot to plan a European adventure with a free place to base yourselves at. We're very close to Germany and France, may have to learn German though although Europeans are always brilliant at English and put us all to shame. Have enjoyed being back in the UK but am ready to go. Allen knee op went well, he's still limping but it's getting stronger every day. When he's allowed to start running I'm going to try it with him too as he'll have to go very gradually so you never know I may keep up! Got a new new car and it's lovely. Allen can't drive for another week and a bit so I've been having lots of fun zooming around. We get tax free status out there hence a new car. Anyway hope the sumer is passing easily xxx