Monday, May 31, 2010

At Home in Missoula II

The Fiesta Mexicana music channel has struck within me a need to write, so I turn to Carrie's neglected blog to offer an update on the comings and goings of the Sweatland family.

Carrie and the kids, with her dad in tow, arrived on May 18. Very happy to see them. The movers had arrived the day before, so I pretty much had the furniture situated and the house set up for the family's arrival. We've settled in nicely.

Missoula is just like we remember, if only a little larger. Downtown is still fun, with lots of markets and festivals and live bands and the like. There are summer activities galore for the kids (they're at the indoor pool as I write), so they're sure to have a busy summer. I've got some home improvement projects lined up. Carrie is enrolled in atleast one teaching course so she can get her Montana certification in a few subjects. Everything is falling into place nicely.

We have a new cat. She's actually like a year old, but she's new to us, is what I mean. We picked up Miranda at the local shelter. She's a very pleasant and friendly cat and gets on well with Jacob and Annie. We'll have to post a picture at some point.

No big summer plans yet. I travel to Alaska next week for work (looking forward to that), and we head home in mid-July for my sister's wedding (also looking forward to that). Other than those two engagements, our summer looks free, so if anyone wants to visit, this may be a good summer to do it.

I'll sign off for now, and I'll bug Carrie some more to update the blog. Adios.

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